bullhide flogger

Welcome to Leatherbeaten!  

Here you'll find one of the internet's best collections of superb hand built flagellators, along with gorgeous restraints, cunning blindfolds and oh so very much more.  

We craft all our gear ourselves, and have done so for twenty years.  Feel free to browse, and to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or critiques.

Thanks for checking us out!

Everybody needs one of these!

Restraint bondage Belt
Wrist, Thigh, Knee or Ankle Restraints! Arm Binder! Also, a superb heavy leather belt!

These are a few of our favourite things...

Leatherbeaten Venus Strap-on Harness
Leatherbeaten's Luscious and Loveable Strap-on Harness
Nothing leaves marks as lovely as our Celtic rug beater paddle!